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Web Development perl and PHP

Web development and web programming are one and the same, trouble is, search engines dont see it like that!

Perl is a language we am well versed in. Although we only really started to get "serious" with perl in 1995 we have amassed a vast amount of experience on which to base any new applications. We have a substantial library of code all ready to go with just a few alterations to your suit clients needs. This means we can keep the cost down to a level that is affordable. It also means the code you are being furnished with is tried and tested, sometime 2 or 3 generations old. When it comes to web development we more than likely already have what you require!!!

A Selection of Sites.....

These are just a few examples of sites we have developed after the design stage is finished. For a wider and more up to date selection please visit the portfolio page. Although many of these examples can be downloaded freely on the internet in different guises we tailor these systems to suit your needs and build in the ability for later expansion. We all know how frustrating it is to search the shops for a particular pair of shoes only to find 2 pairs that both have the required qualities but only the funding for one. We eliminate that problem by custom building you web application for you which is exactly what a web developer is supposed to do.

All output from the scripts we produce is valid XHTML(if requested), although generally, designers do not stick to any particular web standard, in which case XHTML output is not warranted. Coding output to valid XHTML is not a time consuming job but it is not worth doing unless your designers stick to these standards too (many don' the slightest). Most web designers produce bad non-valid html that only serves to make your site look great in one browser and terrible in another. Every step towards text mode accessability is step to wards search engine freindliness.

Ignore Web Standards At Your Peril.....

In our view as a technical company, coding to W3 standards is well worth the effort for future compatibility. Indeed XHTML coded sites greatly increase search engine traffic.....

PHP Scripting.....

Although our preference is to work in perl(a far more mature and stable language) We can turn our hands to PHP scripting. It is, by its nature built for the web, it provides internal email, MySQL, postgreSQL and network functions. With the correct libraries installed server side it can do a very good job of image manipulation too. To that end it is used in conjunction with MySQL to produce entire sites dynamically from databases. If your company is seeking a PHP solution to your office or web based database contact me with some information or just for consultation, we don't charge to talk to people on the phone or answer emails!

For a custom quote tailored to your needs or a consultation send me a message by clicking this link and we will get back to you!
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